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SaMED – Sarajevo International Medical Students Congress is a gathering of young researchers from the field of biomedical sciences, promoting exchange of knowledge, improvement of scientific work and growth of ideas.

SaMED has established itself as one of the largest and healthiest platforms in promotion of scientific work in the region of Southeast Europe. In the last four years, SaMED has shown that a vast number of young researchers can gather in a small amount of time, and for the noblest of causes – sharing the knowledge and love of medicine in order to improve the future for all of us.

The story of SaMED has started slowly, but fueled with the enthusiasm of the students from Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo it gained huge momentum. Now, SaMED is coming with its 5th special edition and as a common project of three different medical student's associations - ASMF, BoHeMSA and InciSion BiH.

Throughout our three-day event, we offer a stimulating venue for student research exchange and give students the opportunity to broaden their social and scientific network. Our scientific program covers various research by students from all over the world which are presented in the form of oral or poster presentations, all in front of an international and professional audience. Along with the student sessions, we always make sure to include lectures by distinguished scientists and some hands-on workshops. Beside the rich scientific program, we have prepared a social program, filled with parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other and the SaMED Organising Committee. The students are also offered a post-congress tours either to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Olympic mountains or UNESCO World Heritage sites.

SaMED in numbers

In just   years, SaMED has been host to more than  students from more than  countries. Over the span of  days, SaMED 2019 saw   oral presentations and   poster presentations. The presentations were held  in sessions and participants had the chance to exapand their skillset in  workshops. We hope to make SaMED 2020 even bigger success!

Why participate?

  • Present your research in front of an international and professional audience
  • Get new insights and exchange research with students from all over the world
  • Get to know researchers throughout the program and open your door to an international career filled with opportunities
  • Get to know and have fun with the participants and the entire SaMED Organising Committee during our social program  parties and thereby expand your social scientific network
  • Learn and get inspired during our prosperous scientific programme filled with high quality student presentations, other renowned keynote lecturers and active workshops

Abstract books from previous SaMED

The Organising Committee

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Managment Board

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Nađa Zvizdić


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Armin Šljivo


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Emina Letić

InciSion BiH

Scientific Board

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Layla Ivanišević

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Nejra Mlačo

Untitled design (38).png - About

Amina Blekić


Public Relation Board


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Nejira Imamović


Financial Board

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Meliha Šehić

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Elna Biber

Hosting Board

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Anesa Šehić

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Ajla Hamidović

Workshops Board

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Majda Kačamaković

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Jahja Rašitović

Ambassadors Board

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Nejra Đendušić

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Ilma Dadić

Social and Post-congress Board

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Timur Šečić

Head of Social Team

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Faris Kazić

Head of Social Team

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Hamzalija Hundur

Head of Post-congress

SaMED 2020 is organised by:

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Association of Students of the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo (ASMF) was founded in 2000, as a single representative body of all students of the Faculty of Medicine. Over the past year, ASMF proved to be an important factor in the preservation and protection of students’ rights and interests at the Faculty.

ASFM is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental association and a full member of the Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo, where students of our faculty have traditionally governed the Health Disciplines. 

Over the past years ASFM has managed to achieve an outstanding level of democracy, so that today the Assembly is made of an equal number of delegates from each academic year, and the Assembly itself makes all decisions concerning the association.

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BoHeMSA is Medical Students' Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a non-governmental, non-profit, students' organization whose membership consists of students from Faculties of Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activities of BoHeMSA are cooperation between students, exchange and representation of students and serving students’ interests on both national and international level.

BoHeMSA is structured of 6 Standing Committees, and has more than 400 members on the national level, who are working on numerous projects within public health, humanitarian issues, scientific and professional exchanges and reproductive health.

BoHeMSA is a full member of International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), which is the largest student-run organizations in the world. IFMSA is representing medical students, the future doctors on global level by providing dynamic platform in personal and professional development.


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InciSion BiH

InciSioN BiH is a national working group for Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in May 2018, with the help of BoHeMSA, as a part of the International Student Surgical Network. It was established with the goal of making improvements in surgery, anesthesia and obstetrics through education, research and advocacy. Activities within InsiSion BiH are open to all medical students as well as young general practitioners and specialists in these fields. Following the current world trends devoted to global surgery, goals of this working group areto improve surgical practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina through local action, to enable medical students and young physicians to be engage in modern directions of global surgery, anesthesia and obstetrics and to enable medical students and young doctors to establish contact and international cooperation with colleagues around the world, and to participate in international projects.