SaMED 2017: 1st February - 5th February

International medical students’ congress in Sarajevo – already a tradition.

3rd SaMED is the congress that will bring together the science, skills and knowledge of biomedical students and academics from throughout the world in Sarajevo. An opportunity to present, learn and share the knowledge in biomedicine, while making new friendships and networking with your colleagues.


The leading experts in medical science will share their experiences and the latest findings in the scientific world thus broadening your horizons.


Our popular workshops always attract numerous participants. Students will master practical skills under mentorship of the best in the field, while getting hands-on experience.


Making friendships and meeting new colleagues who share your love of biomedical science is a wonderful experience. Our social program will make sure that you create meaningful relationships.


Association of Students of the Medical Faculty (ASMF) in Sarajevo was founded in 2000th year, as a single representative body of all students of the Medical Faculty. Over the past years, ASMF proved to be a very important factor in the preservation and protection of students’ rights and interests at the Faculty. Of course, ASMF is unprofitable, non-political and non-governmental association which is a full member of the Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo, where students of our faculty have traditionally governed the Department of Health. Association is headed by President of the Association, and the management structure consists of the President of the Assembly, Board of Directors, the General Secretary of the Association, and the Supervisory Board, which aims to control the finances and Association in general. Over the past years we have managed to achieve an outstanding level of democracy, so that today the Assembly is made of an equal number of delegates from each academic year, and the Assembly itself makes all decisions concerning the association. An important part of the Association consists of departments, in our case Department of International Cooperation, Department of Sport and Department of scientific research. Each of these sectors has achieved remarkable results since the founding of the Association to date.

Department for scientific research, since it was founded, worked to help our students with writing scientific papers and going to international conferences. Thanks to these activities, our students have won several prestigious awards at regional conferences. The most important project in the history of Association is planned precisely in the area of scientific research.

Our Vision

We strive to bring together the biomedical students from the whole world to share their findings and results of their scientific work. By bringing the students from different cultures and backgrounds, we want to promote knowledge, as the supreme value of the human race, and its implication in the field of biomedical science, in the purpose of better tomorrow for all of us.

Last year, SaMED 2016 saw…






oral presentations


poster presentations